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Blasphemy Law targeted again another Poor Christian in Pakistan on 28th December, 2011

Blasphemy Law again caught another Pakistani Christian named Sajjad Masih Gill S/O Sardar Masih, resident of District Pakpattan. The Tehsil Police of Gujra District Toba Tek Singh has registered a F.I.R under section 295 C PPC against Sajjad Masih and Iftekhar Masih. Iftekhar Masih has been confined illegally for 6 days in PS Gujra. The ACCA INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT Javed Sohatra Advocate and his team strived no stone unturned and they fought bravely in favour of Sajjad and Iftekhar Masih. The ACCA team got released Iftekhar Masih from the cruel jaws of the police. The allegations against Sajjad Masih is that he has sent some blasphemy SMS to some people of Gujra through cell phone. The Police stated that the sim card is registered by the name of a Christian girl, Roma Illyas from Gujra. Roma Illyas has admitted that sim card is registered on her name. Sajjad Masih has given his cell phone and Sims which have all the record of his callings and SMS to the Police. The Police checked and interrogated his cell phone and Sims from PTA and found nothing in them. Now Sajjad Masih has been sent to the jail of Toba Tek Singh. It is another attempt to create a fuss and terror among Christian Community on Christmas. Christian’s scholars show grief and passion on Sajjad Masih. They applied to the Christian community to pray for Sajjad and his family. ACCA requests all the Christians to pray and help financially to contest Sajjad’s case.