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ACCA is a punjabi word means unity- the unity between all the minorities in Pakistan. ACCA means ALL CHRISTIAN COMMUNTIES ALLIANCE. ACCA wants to see the enlightenment among the different sects of society. ACCA is very much committed of performing the real actions towards the fruitful results. ACCA is the name of Love, Hope and Faith. ACCA works in those places where no other is working. ACCA is the voice of voiceless people, power of powerless and freedom of slaves.

Pakpattan, Punjab: December 29, 2011. (PCP) A Pakistani Christian named Sajjad Gill son of Sardar Masih, resident of District Pakpattan was arrested under blasphemy charges during Christian Holidays season in Pakistan on December 23, 2011, on allegation of sending blasphemous SMS messages on his cellphone to Muslims.

On reports of local Muslims, Tehsil Police Gojra of District Tobe Tek Sing registered First Information Report FIR under Section 295 C PPC against Sajjad Masih Gill and arrested him.

The police detained one other Christian Iftikhar Masih for investigation in Sajjad Masih case but later released him after legal assistance of Mr. Javed Sohtra Advocate, President of ACCA International, a human right based in Pakpattan District and serving persecuted Christians in Punjab province of Pakistan from years.

ACCA team told PCP that allegations against Sajjad Masih is that he has sent some blasphemy SMS to some people of Gujra through cell phone. The Police stated that the sim card is registered by the name of a Christian girl, Roma Illyas from Gujra.

Roma Illyas has admitted that sim card is registered on her name. Sajjad Masih has given his cell phone and Sims which have all the record of his callings and SMS to the Police.

The Police checked and interrogated his cell phone and Sims from PTA and found nothing in them but Sajjad Masih has been sent to the jail of Toba Tek Singh.


 Blasphemy Law targeted again another Poor Christian in Pakistan on 28th December, 2011 Blasphemy Law again caught another Pakistani Christian named Sajjad Masih Gill S/O Sardar Masih, resident of District Pakpattan. The Tehsil Police of Gujra District Toba Tek Singh has registered a F.I.R under section 295 C PPC against Sajjad Masih and Iftekhar Masih. Iftekhar Masih has been confined illegally for 6 days in PS Gujra. The ACCA INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT Javed Sohatra Advocate and his team strived no stone unturned and they fought bravely in favour of Sajjad and Iftekhar Masih. The ACCA team got released Iftekhar Masih from the cruel jaws of the police. The allegations against Sajjad Masih is that he has sent some blasphemy SMS to some people of Gujra through cell phone. The Police stated that the sim card is registered by the name of a Christian girl, Roma Illyas from Gujra. Roma Illyas has admitted that sim card is registered on her name. Sajjad Masih has given his cell phone and Sims which have all the record of his callings and SMS to the Police. The Police checked and interrogated his cell phone and Sims from PTA and found nothing in them. Now Sajjad Masih has been sent to the jail of Toba Tek Singh. It is another attempt to create a fuss and terror among Christian Community on Christmas. Christian’s scholars show grief and passion on Sajjad Masih. They applied to the Christian community to pray for Sajjad and his family. ACCA requests all the Christians to pray and help financially to contest Sajjad’s case.


The ACCA INTERNATIONAL condemns the brutal killing of Mr. Shabaz Bhatti. The Punjab Government is the responsible of the sad incident. Acca President Mr. Javed Sahotra shed tears and morned on the roads of Pakpattan by leading a big christian mob. We appeal the Internation community to give visa for christians so that they can flee from Pakistan otherwise the christians will be no more christians in coming years or will sail the same boat. ACCA apeals to THE UNO to take immediate action in this regard.


It is really sad fact that Christians in Pakistan are being persecuted in jobs matter instead of having law of 5% jobs for minorities. The effort of our Ex.Minister Shabaz Bhatti in passing the law in the constitution of Pakistan that there is 5 % quota in jobs for minorities is being considered as joke and violating happily. Mr. Javed Sahotra along with ACCA team met the DPO PAKPATTAN for inquiring about the reason of not entertaining the law of 5% for minorities. The DPO PAKPAPATTAN tried to prove his condition right by making fun of 5 % quota for minorities. The President Mr. Javed Sahotra condemned his attitude and later applied for a copy of appointment of the muslims candidates who are appointed on the right of Christians.

Members of Islamic Saifi Group kidnapped 13 years Christian girl forcibly.Allah Rakhi a christian poor mother of 13 yaers old christian girl Jamna bibi met Javed Sahotra advocate ACCA president and told that she lives in Chak No 261/EB Burewala Distt Vehari with her 6 childern and husband Rafique Masih .There are 15 christian families and 200 muslims families in the chak 261/EB Burewala .Muslims are landlord and christians are labourers.Muslim family of Hashmat Ali belonges to Islamic Saifi group.Hashmat Ali,s 4 sons Tahir Ali etc kidnapped 13 years Jamna bibi doughter of Allah Rakhi on 14th December 2010 on gun point.Police was not ready to register Fir against members of Islamic Saifi group. Allah Rakhi told with tears that at last police has registerd Fir No 604 under section 365B ppc.Now police is not arresting the accused persons nor, recovered the victim Jamna Javed Sahotra and Pastor Yaqoob Amanat visited the victum family in the chuk No 261/Eb and listined them and assured the family to recover their doughter Jamna.ACCA president and pastor Yaqoob met Muhmmad Nawaz investigation officer of the said case and directored him to investigate the case properly and recovere Jamna bibi.ACCA president also filed a petition in the court for recovery of Jamna bibi.

The Christian Sanitary workers ended their strike after interference of District Co-ordination Officer Pakpattan.

The Christian sanitary workers ended their strike against the Tehseel Municipal Officer after the dismissal of two TMO workers. Moreover the DCO Pakpattan formed a committee to find the facts against Muhammad Abdul Razaq TMO Pakpattan. The ACCA INTERNATIONAL President Mr. Javed Sohatra expressed a bit relief over it and demanded a fair fact finding by the high authority. Later on the Christian sanitary workers paid thanks ACCA INTERNATIONAL for his fully support for them.Christian workers Strike against the Tehseel Municipal Officer (Pakpattan) Muhammad Abdul Razaq

On 22nd November 2010 the Christian sanitary workers lodged strike against the municipal officer due to his bad acts against the women workers. He tried harassment some of Christian sanitary workers by asking their cell phone number. ACCA INTERNATIONAL provides fully support to the Christian workers since last year. The President of ACCA INTERNATION MR. Javed Sohatra Advocate has showed his deep grief and concern over this situation. He is also participating in that strike. It is common thing in the province Punjab that Christians are often persecuted. Last year The TMA Pakpattan lodged FIR against ACCA WORKERS. We appeal all the people to pray for the Christian workers.


Waqar Hussain Minhas Advocate from Arifwala District Pakpattan, printed an abusive and insulting pumphlet, hurting Christian emotions and feelings in Urdu language.

Aggitation meeting was held on 10th June, 2010 in Catholic Church Arifwala and lead by Javed Sahotra Advocate - President ACCA International, Rev. Fr. Samuel, Rev. Fr. Lukas, Rev. Fr. Martin and Master Nisar and so many Christian leaders joined and expressed their aggitations against this pumphlet with anger and condemned the try of the author to spoil the brotherly and harmonious relationship among Christians and Muslims.

Alongwith above mentioned Christian leaders there were, Ch. M. Zaheer Aslam Adv., Mian Fazal Raoof Joyia Adv. and many other Muslims were there. In the presence of all Mr. Waqar Hussain Advocate appologised and asked forgivness in writing.

Javed Sahotra Advocate requested DSP Arifwala and DPO Pakpattan for inquiry to disolve this issue peacefully.

From the platform of ACCA International we urge peace and harmony among Christian and Muslim relationship, in the particular area and the whole country.


We are very grateful to all those who prayed for us in this time of trouble for Christian Community Pakpattan.And we are also very thankful to Pakistan Christian Post who flashed our Voice and Trouble throughout the world. We are also Thankful to Emmanuel Neno,a catholic Religious Leader. ACCA will continue to raise the voice of voiceless people by the Grace of Lord Jesus Christ.ACCA President Mr. Javed Sahotra left no stone untruned in this matter and fought bravely for the right of voiceless and helpless Christians. All expenses of this false criminal case against Christians were paid by ACCA almost 20000 rupees. All christians of Pakpattan are very thankful to ACCA and its team.

Mr. Javed Sahotra Advocate, Father Samuel and Dr. J.S Martin and others Christian men met the District Police officer on 29th April, 2009 and The D.P O Sahiwal took very necessary action after listening the deep concern of ACCA President Mr. Javed Sahotra and tried his best to resolve this issue. Now, all Christian men are free, but the police advised these five Christian to leave this village. Now, all these five young men are out of the police’s co study by the marvelous efforts of Javed Sahotra Advocate and His ACCA Team. All Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ He who helps us in every situation. On Friday 1st May, ACCA team offered a special prayer to thank our Lord Jesus Christ. For more details...

THE CHRISTIAN OF CHAK 190/9AL ARE FORCED TO LEAVE THE VILLAGE AFTER THE UNSUCCESSFUL EFFORTS OF BURING THE CHRISTIAN HOMES.After the freedom of five Christian men from the police’s custody the Muslims people are in anger. The Muslims of this village every day try to burn Christian’s homes. The whole Christian community is living under the shadow of death. Last night the S.H.O of Thana (Police Station) Harrapa promised the Muslims that he would charge blasphemy against those Christian. The whole village is seeking the help of government but unfortunately except the ACCA team no one else came to help these Christians. Through our site we ask all Christians and other human rights NGO’s to listen the voice of these Christians.FIVE CHRISTIAN MEN ARE BEING PERSECUTED THE NAKED SWORD LAW OF BLASPHEMY IN DISTRICT SAHIWAL.

In the village of District Sahiwal, 190/9AL near Harrapa five Christian men is charged the blasphemy law. These five Christians are active member of APMA (ALL PAKISTAN MINORITIES ALLIANCE) the first Christian Political Democratic party leading by Mr. Shabaz Bhatti the minister for Minorities. On April 28th, 2009 the area police of Harrapa arrested Mr. Ashfaq Gill and on April 29th they arrested four more Christian men saying that these Christian tore the pages of Quran (The Muslims Holy Book) during the stealing in girls’ school. The President of ACCA INTERNATIONAL Mr. Javed Sahotra Advocate raised the slogan of freedom of these men. Today Mr. Javed Sahotra and other member of ACCA INTERNATIONAL will meet the District Police Officer Sahiwal. This village is also very prominent of doing ill deeds against Christians. Last year, in this village a Christian girl was also kidnapped and she is still in Muslims people custody. Actually the Muslims of this village are very fanatic and they don’t want to see Christians in this village. These persecutions are very common in Pakistan. For more detail....


Javed Sahotra Advocate with ACCA team has visited Bahawal Nagar Distt when Kala Ram a sanitary worker has died during his duty when he was cleaning a main hole of drainage water due to gas of main hole; Kala Ram has died on a spot. ACCA Team is pursuing case of service benefit on behalf of Kala Ram’s widow.THE ADDITIONAL SESSIONS JUDGE SUPPORTED THE KIDNAPPING.

Malik Mohammad Iqbal Additional Sessions Judge Sahiwal has dismissed an application for registration of case regarding kidnapping of Miss. Nohsi a Christian girl of Chak no 190/9-AL Distt Sahiwal. ACCA has pursued case on behalf of Maqbool Father of Noshi.ACCA MEETS EMANUEL NENO,THE CATHOLIC DIRECTOR IN LAHORE.

On 12th April 2009, ACCA team has met Catholic Director Mr. Emanuel Neno, the Director congratulated ACCA team on its marvelous services for Humanity in South Punjab, Pakistan.Sahiwal, Pakistan: February 22, 2009. The hearing of Noshi kidnapping case is set for hearing in Sahiwal Session Court on numerous petitions filed by prominent Christian lawyer Javeed Sohtra to free her.


Noshi, a 23 years old Christian girl, resident of village Chak 190-9L in district Sahiwal was kidnapped by gang of Muslims in year 2008, who broke in their home and looted 50,000 Rupees and then took away Noshi with them on gunpoint.

The father of Noshi was also present in home who was put on hold at gun in other room of house. Maqbool Masih, father of Noshi is living in this village from decades and supporting his family.

Sahiwal is district in north western area of Punjab province of Pakistan where Islamic extremism is rising up from a decade due to some ban Muslim terrorist organization with their headquarters in Bahawalpur and DG Khan.

The Christian own agriculture land which was acquired by Salvation Army and distributed among Christian peasants before independence of Pakistan in 1947.

The Muslims of other villages want to grab this valuable agricultural land of Christians and using Islam for their tactics.

In wake of land grabbing Muslim mob attacked and burnet down Christian Village named Shanti Nagar in 1998.

It is learnt that Muslim abductors have forcibly converted Noshi to Islam and chained her in any undisclosed place.

Maqbool Masih is struggling for freedom of his daughter Noshi and begging for justice. Attorney Javeed Sohtra who shall appear in Session Courts for protection of Noshi in court for statement and punishment of Muslim robbers and abductors. for more detail visit this site...







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