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  1. ACCA is a charitable and non commercial organization committed to undertake educational and Free Legal Assistance for the poor men/ women, minorities and the underprivileged segment of the populace irrespective of race, creed, gender, language and religion.
  2. ACCA will particularly engage in working for Christian who are being persecuted because of their faith in Pakistan- an Islamic country where Christian are minority and facing religious, social, constitutional, economic and educational discrimination.
  3. ACCA wants to guide support and encourage the youth to work for their development at the particular places in Pakistan.
  4.  ACCA seeks a world which disempowered people are above to find their voice and exercise their right to develop – on their own terms and with appropriate support from their government and the international community.
  5. We believe in:ACCA will act under the law exclusively for the betterment and welfare of the communities and all the aims and objectives will be non- political.Interests of the Pakistan shall always be preferred and not will be harm to the nation.